Just before half term the children at Crescent School enjoyed sharing their maths lessons with their parents.

Our Mathematics Curriculum Workshops ran from Monday 12 to Thursday 15 February and we welcomed parents from different classes on different days.

In their day to day lessons the children experience maths learning through problem solving, a key skill that enables them to apply their maths knowledge and understanding to real life situations. Our whole school target this year is to provide opportunities for children to demonstrate ‘Mastery’. In mathematics, this manifests itself through investigation work, puzzles, problems, application and pattern identification. It also includes the ability to explain strategies, solutions and answers.

The workshops were a valuable opportunity for parents to see the techniques and approaches teachers use in class, an opportunity to appreciate the challenges the children face, to see how mistakes are an essential part of learning and a great chance to tune into the modern day language of maths.

Parent feedback was very positive including, 'Thank you very much for the Maths mastery session.  We found the sessions really valuable.  It was great to see how our children are taught in class.  we also learnt a few things too.'

We hope all parents enjoyed their return to the classroom, it was a pleasure to welcome them in to work alongside their children.