My class went on a trip to the Warner Brothers Studio last Thursday to have a tour on how Harry Potter was made.

The whole experience was amazing even the line to get tickets was great because you could see the cupboard that Harry slept in for 8 and a half years in the first book while living with the Dursleys.

After getting in we were inside a dark room with screens showing the covers of all the Harry Potter movies in lots of different languages. Soon after that a lady came into the room went to the corner and changed what was on the screens to a short film on how Harry Potter was thought up and made.

The first part of the tour of the set was my favourite part because it was the actual set of the great hall from the movies. We all saw Daniel Radcliff’s first clothes that he wore on set and it was a small wizarding robe with an adorable pointy Hat. In addition there was a stupendous amount of decoration and hard work put into this hall. At the back of the hall were lay the costumes of the teachers such as Dumbledore, Hagrid and Snape.

The next room was huge so we were allowed to wander but we had to be with at least one other person from our school. This section was mainly props and sets, although there were a few videos here and there. The first part was the dormitories for the boys at Hogwarts. Sometime later we saw the dark arts classroom which creeped me out a little bit, subsequently we went to the next area which was the green screen area where you could see Hagrids motorcycle and how they made the scenes when they were on broomsticks. The best part of this area was Hagrid’s hut where there were touch screen things with a picture of something in the room and if you tapped them the corresponding item would move. The final part of this area was the table at Malfoy Manor where there were models of the people sitting there including Voldemort’s snake.

We were all now going on the Hogwarts Express and believe it or not it was the actual one from the movies. When you entered the room the first thing you saw was a radiant crimson train. After going on it I have to say that I was a bit disappointed so we went on the carriage simulator and witnessed a dementor attack. After all of this we had lunch. It was just a packed lunch but there was also butterbeer to buy (not alcoholic) , since it was £2.95 per cup I didn’t get anything because I had already bought a packet of “Bertie Botts every flavour beans”.

After finishing lunch we went outside to see the knight bus, Number 4 Privet drive, Hagrids motorcycle and the flying car. This area was relatively small so it took about 10 minutes.

Privet Drive

After that it was the creature shop area which was basically how they made the creatures. The first room was just models such as the dragon, wax models of characters and ogres. The next room was smaller and hanging from the ceiling was the giant spider. Soon after we went to Diagon Alley and saw Gringots and Ollivanders.

Next was design and structure so we saw every little plan for every table and building. Then came the last part of our breath-taking trip to Warner Brothers Studio the model of Hogwarts. It was very big about the size of a small house but the music and lights made the experience just the much better. We then made our way back to the coach and set off. I am so glad I went to Warner Brothers Studio because it was just astonishing.

By Akilesh Rathinam