As part of our Religious Education topic on celebrations, we have been learning about the Japanese festival of Kodomono- hi. To start off our learning journey of the festival, we explored pictures of the celebration, looking at the decorations of carp streamers on poles outside the houses. Also we tasted the traditional food of rice cakes and explored the traditional dress of a komodo. We compared the food, decorations and clothes to that of the festivals and special times we celebrate, looking at the similarities and the differences.

Next we focused on the decoration of the carp streamers and found out that they represented the different members of the family. We learnt that the carp at the top of the pole represented the father. The mother was the next carp down and then the children in age order. We thought about what our carp streamers would look like and drew the carp pole to represent the members of our family.

Then we explored further the symbols of Kodomono- hi and engaged in some really thoughtful class discussions about what they represented. One of the symbols were warrior dolls which they give as gifts to little boys. They also display these alongside warrior helmets because they want boys to grow up to be strong and courageous. We made links to the gifts we give and the symbols for our celebrations.