Crescent School’s Key Stage 1 Nativity took place on Wednesday 13 December. It was a modern take on the traditional nativity story. Strictly Come Dancing inspired, the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and the birth of the baby Jesus was publicised by the BBC (Bethlehem Broadcasting Corporation) through a special edition of the much loved, well-known dance show.

The audience of delighted parents were welcomed by enthusiastic hosts Evie, Dorrit and Freya and duly introduced to the judges, the comedic Donkey, played by Charlotte, the talented Innkeeper’s wife, aka Stephanie, and the superb Craig Revel Horwood-like Caesar, Rory.

Line dancing locals, funky camels, morris dancing shepherds, tango-ing innkeepers, balletic angels and disco stars, all took to the stage in turn to perform their routines and share their part in the special story. It was a fabulous performance by all the children who delivered their lines with panache, danced exuberantly and sang enthusiastically.

Headmaster, Joe Thackway thanked all of the parents for coming and congratulated the children commenting, “Children you were absolutely fantastic.” He thanked the staff involved in putting together the show and then gave a special mention to Rory whose performance as Caesar had been truly inspired and just a little bit scary.