Congratulations go to Crescent School Year 4 pupil, Josh Gorbutt, who swam superbly at the recent Rugby Primary Schools Swimming Gala to win the Year 4 Boys 25m Breaststroke and earn himself the Gala Award for the swimmer who shows the most promise.

The swimming galas took place over the last two weeks with pupils from Years 5 and 6 competing on Wednesday 14 March and Years 3 and 4 on Wednesday 21 March, both galas took place at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre, Rugby.

For a number of children, especially the younger ones, this was their very first competition and the size of the venue and the crowd were more than a little over whelming but they stayed focused and harnessed their nerves to swim their very best.  

Josh was not the only Crescent success story this year, as the school took a total of four Town titles.  George Crowfoot won the Year 3 25m Breaststroke race, Anton Tran the Year 5 Boys 25m Breaststroke race and Rania Akbik, Sienna Moran and Issy Thompson won the Year 4 Girls Freestyle Relay (3 x 25m race). 

A number of Crescent School’s pupils were also in the placings with:

2nd place finishes for:
Mia Webb - Girls Open 25m Butterfly
Samuel Lau - Boys Open 25m Butterfly
Christopher Gibson - Year 6 Boys 25m Backstroke
Matthew Browne - Year 6 Boys 25m Breaststroke
Ethan Capelett - Year 6 Boys 25m Freestyle
Finlay Calder - Year 5 Boys 25m Backstroke
Jamie Capelett - Year 5 Boys 25m Freestyle
Hattie Sarkies - Year 3 Girls 25m Breaststroke
Girls Open Medley Team (3 x 25m) - Robyn Shaw, Maya Patel, Georgia Dowling
Year 5 Boys Freestyle Relay Team (3 x 25m) - Anton Tran, Finlay Calder, Jamie Capelett
Year 6 Boys Freestyle Relay Team (3 x 25m) - Samuel Lau, Matthew Browne, Ethan Capelett

3rd place finishes for:
Sophie Causer - Year 6 Girls 25m Backstroke
Henry Corbin - Year 4 Boys 25m Backstroke
Amy Robinson - Year 3 Girls 25m Backstroke
Boys Open Medley (3 x 25m) - Chris Gibson, Rory Sarkies, Gabriel White
Year 5 Girls Freestyle Relay ( 3 x 25m) - Lily Emery, Olivia Monk, Mia Webb
Year 4 Boys Freestyle Relay (3 x 25m) - Henry Corbin, Connor Kennedy and Josh Gorbutt

Head of Girls’ Games, Rachel McCollin, commented, “What a fantastic effort from all our Crescent’s swimmers, they swam superbly and conducted themselves brilliantly.  This is a fabulous set of results for the school.”