Friday 16 February saw Crescent pupils having a completely different playground experience when they took on the Wheelpower Relay Challenge. The charity, WheelPower, had brought along all the equipment and instructors needed for the children to experience the fast, energetic and very competitive sport of wheelchair racing.

In classes the children climbed into specialist sports wheelchairs and having learnt a few basics, they got to test their skills and speed on a relay course. It proved to be so much fun that even Headmaster, Joe Thackway, couldn’t resist joining in!

WheelPower’s Relay Challenge is based on the former Paralympic sport of Wheelchair Slalom. For the children, participating in the challenge was an opportunity to raise their awareness of disabilities whilst also helping them to understand the type of training needed to become a Paralympian.

The children took it in turns to race down the course of cones, slaloming in and out, and then spinning around to race back. Taking part in teams, they competed against each other to see who could complete the course in the fastest time.

WheelPower is a charity that helps disabled people to transform their lives through sport. They provide specialist wheelchairs that enable disabled athletes to compete in wheelchair sport. Every year they host the National Junior Games at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, allowing young athletes with physical or mild sensory impairments to compete in a range of different sports and activities.

To support the charity, the school had organised a non-uniform day and the children had also collected sponsors for participating in the Relay Challenge. So far the children have raised over £450.

Lynda Brazier, Learning Support, who organised the event, said, “WheelPower’s Relay Challenge was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to discover what wheelchair sport is all about. They enjoyed having a go themselves, competing against each other and all the children agreed that the WheelPower Relay Challenge was ‘wheely good fun!’.”