Pupils at the Crescent School have wholeheartedly embraced the Junior da Vinci programme. Over the school year they have worked hard to achieve creativity, practice and mastery in their different school subjects. When they have received all three awards in an individual subject they are named as a Junior da Vinci student and a postcard is sent home to celebrate their achievement. The school also enjoys celebrating their success in assembly and in The Courier.

This week Mr Thackway began awarding Junior da Vinci badges of honour. From now a badge will be presented to the children when they achieve their first Junior da Vinci student award. With its distinctive, three ring design the badge will be a fitting permanent record which can be worn proudly on their blazer lapels.  All the children who have already achieved Junior da Vinci student status were presented with the badge.

A number of pupils have already achieved a Junior da Vinci award in more than one subject. So competition for the Crescent School shield, which will be awarded to the boy and girl in the school who achieves the most number of complete awards, is really hotting up. Senior Teacher, Ms Lowe, commented, "The school is delighted with the success of the da Vinci programme. The children have enjoyed the challenges it presents and our new badges of honour are a deserving extra recognition of their achievement. I know there will be plenty more awarded over the remaining weeks of the school year.”