On Tuesday 5 June Crescent School welcomed Year 2 children from Crackley Hall School, Dunchurch Infant School and Leamington Hastings Infant School. Together with Crescent’s own Class II the children all enjoyed an afternoon of Infant Agility sporting fun. Hosted by Crescent’s Class VI the children participated in a round robin of activities designed to develop their running, throwing, bouncing, pitching, stepping and jumping skills.

For most of the 45 children involved this was their first experience of a school sports festival and of competing alongside children from other schools. The children were mixed into six different groups and moved round the field together, spending 10 minutes at each activity.

The event was all about participation, fun and being the best you could be. Class VI demonstrated the activity and then encouraged the younger children to take part. All the children were impressive, participating enthusiastically and with determination to do their best.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the accompanying parents clearly enjoyed watching their children taking part and the refreshments offered.

At the end of the afternoon the organiser of the event, Head of Pre-Prep, Mr Alan Webb thanked everyone for coming, commenting on how well everyone had done, their enthusiasm and especially their sporting behaviour. Headmaster, Mr Joe Thackway, added his thanks, especially to Crescent’s Class VI for their help running the event. Mr Thackway then presented all of the participants with a well-deserved certificate.