Crescent Children Support Rugby Based Charity Bwengu Projects Malawi

On Tuesday 9 May the Crescent School were delighted to welcome local Rugby residents Tony and Sue Melia, who run Bwengu Projects Malawi, to school to present them with a cheque for £996.37. The cheque was presented in assembly in front of the whole school.

The Crescent School has been supporting the work that Tony and Sue do for ten years now, in fact the school was one of their charity’s first supporters. Each year the Year 4 children study Africa and in particular Malawi and the work that Bwengu Projects does. Studying the challenges the people in Malawi face helps the children to appreciate the similarities and differences in our societies. The children then choose specific Bwengu Projects to support and go on to organise fundraising activities the whole school participate in. This year the Year 4s have raised money in a number of enterprising ways including building a penny path, enduring a sponsored silence and running a treasure hunt.

Over the years the donations the children have collected have paid for many different projects such as the Bwengu Seconday School Library and Enukweni School Renovation as well as supporting more general Orphan Food Programmes. This year the children have decided that the money the school has raised will be split between the Bumba School Furniture Project and the Orphan Feeding Programme.

Bryony Forth, Deputy Head, commented, “Supporting the Bwengu Project is always a highlight of my teaching year, something of which I personally am very proud to be part of. It all started with book donations and collections at the carol service but then when I took over teaching Geography in September 2009, we made Bwengu our study for comparing 'A Village Less Economically Developed than Rugby' and our fundraising has grown since then. We must have raised around £7,000 now and helped pay for renovating schools, building a Women's Development Centre, sewing machines, a teacher's salary and 58,500 meals for orphans.”

Tony Melia, from Bwengu Projects Malawi sums up the projects they support, " Our aims are quite simple, to educate the many and not the few. As we know it is difficult to ask a question of those that lead you, if you cannot read, write or even count. Our philosophy is simply helping the many to help themselves.”