The fiendish story of the Demon Headmaster was brought marvellously to life by Class VI in their final end of school production. Gillian Cross’ classic bewitched and intrigued the audience as the title character used his power of hypnosis to try and take over the world.

The children had worked incredibly hard with Drama teacher, Miss Kim Thompson to prepare this special one off monster performance and the talented cast rose admirably to the challenge. Performed for the first time 'in the round', with the audience on all sides, the children worked seamlessly together to manage the many scene and costume changes.

Head Boy Christopher Gibson was both stern and sinister in the role of the eponymous Headmaster, his piercing eyes hidden behind his dark glasses – removing them only to hypnotise his victims! Robyn Shaw played super sleuth Dinah, who senses something is wrong at school and together with Alex and Harvey (Alex Reynolds and Gabriel White) and their secret society SPLAT (the Society for the Protection of our Lives Against Them) set about solving the mystery.

The prefects, the voice of the Headmaster, delivered their lines in a disciplined and forbidding tone and the ensemble of school children controlled and co-ordinated every movement to give a very real effect of being hypnotised.

Isobelle Clements deserves a very special sporting mention for getting splatted twice after Miss Thomspon cast her in two roles that both fell foul of Barry and Larry’s custard pies.

It was clear the audience really enjoyed the show, their thunderous applause a testament to yet another super example of the school’s broad provision for the arts.

Headmaster, Joe Thackway said, "Huge congratulations to all the cast for learning their lines so well and delivering them with meaning, expression and great timing, what a multi-talented group of young people they all are."

Thanks go to all the staff and parents who helped assist with the production.