Pupils are prepared for entrance into senior independent schools via the regular routes. Warwickshire LEA operates a grammar school selection procedure at 11+ and pupils are prepared for this also. In addition, the curriculum encompasses the National Curriculum, although pupils do not take the Key Stage 1 and 2 assessments, they do take nationally standardised tests in English and Mathematics. Entrance to senior schools is usually balanced between Independent and State schools. A significant proportion of our children enter either Rugby School’s Junior Department, Princethorpe College at 11+ and the maintained grammar schools, with other pupils entering senior independent or LEA schools in the vicinity. The school has developed strong links with all the senior schools we feed.

Specialist teaching begins as early as in Reception and by the time children are in Year 5 they are subject based following a broad and balanced curriculum. Spanish is taught from the start of the Reception Year until the end of Year 3 when we switch to French. Children may continue to learn Spanish as an extra curricular activity. Latin is taught as an optional subject from the beginning of Year 5. PE, Music and Drama are strengths of the school. The PE programme includes a weekly swimming lesson throughout the year for all children in Year 1 and above. The older children also enjoy success in regular sports fixtures against other schools and take part in local and regional competitions. 

The School is in continued evolution to keep pace with educational developments. ICT has long been a subject in its own right and has recently changed in emphasis to cover coding and is called Computer Science for children in Years 3 to 6. Language teaching has been extended throughout the school. There is at least one computer in each classroom linked, through the school’s intranet to the Internet and interactive ICT hardware is available in the. A set of Learn Pads is available for any class to use. There are also subject specialist rooms for Science, Art and Music. Other projects are currently being considered which will enable us to enhance the curriculum further.

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