The school seeks to provide public benefit in many ways from raising money for various charities through to reducing the carbon footprint of the school.

Bwengu Project

Another charity we work with was set up by a Rugby couple some six years ago to improve the lot of people living in the village of Bwengu in Malawi. This charity has transformed the lives of hundreds of people by providing the materials to allow the local people to rebuild six primary schools, two secondary schools, churches and a health centre. They have also set up a food store and filled it with food so that the children in the surrounding area can be sure of their food supply throughout the year regardless of the weather.

The children in Class IV compare and contrast life in Bwengu with life in Rugby as a part of their Geography course. The current Class IV were so moved by what they learnt that they took it upon themselves to raise money for the project through four different activities including a sponsored silence. They raised over £400! They have subsequently met a gentleman who used to live in Bwengu who was able to describe life there from first hand experience.

Since we began supporting this project we have raised more than £3000 to buy building materials that the locals have used to refurbish classrooms, buy books and provide for other basic educational needs. We also helped to pay for sewing machines to be shipped out to Bwengu to give the women an opportunity to earn some money.

Other Charitable Giving

Each term we raise money for a particular charity. We now support the Bwengu Project one term each year and have supported Myton Hospice regularly as well. In addition we have supported children's charities such as Barnardo's and the NSPCC. We raise money through an activity provided by the particular charity, through 'home clothes' days and retiring collections after services, concerts and performances.

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