The mission of Crescent School is to provide an outstanding all round education for its pupils. To achieve this goal we strive to create an environment that is caring, nurturing, and supportive of the needs and interests of every child and with an awareness of our place in the wider community.  We are a school with Christian values and traditions and also welcome children of different faiths and those of no faith.


As a school community, Crescent School shares certain core values and beliefs. We seek to foster and develop the qualities of kindness, tolerance and mutual respect in a safe and caring environment, where staff and families work together to deliver an inspiring, challenging and varied curriculum. 

Our shared values are expressed in the Crescent School Promise:



These simple guidelines and convictions, shared by staff and pupils, are at the heart of everything that we do. 



·         To deliver a broad, engaging, inspiring curriculum that prepares the children for their next steps educationally and for the changing demands of the modern world 

Teaching and Learning


·         To enable pupils to achieve their best in their learning

·         To set high expectations and provide all the support the pupils need in pursuing them

·         To provide outstanding teaching that has genuine impact on all pupils’ learning and progress

·         To provide an excellent specialist lesson programme that increases as the pupils move through the school 

Pastoral care


·        To provide excellent pastoral care that meets the emotional and social needs of every child at Crescent School

·        To safeguard the children in our care and to do everything we can to ensure they are kept physically and emotionally safe and protected from harm

·        To ensure that as children enter the school they feel cared for and fully part of the Crescent community

·        In line with our School Promise, to enable the children to become good friends, good citizens and good learners

·        To develop relationships of mutual trust and care between adults and children

·        To teach the children the skills they need to feel happy, and safe in the wider world. These might include personal safety and well-being, staying safe online, building resilience and developing a growth mind set



·         To provide a well-run Co-Curricular programme that is diverse, exciting and stimulating for the children

·         To broaden the interests of the children and inspire lifelong interests in pursuits beyond the academic curriculum



·         To communicate with all constituents of the Crescent community in a way that is consistent, inclusive, informative, effective, accurate and user friendly

·         To ensure we provide an efficient and well run admissions process that is sensitive to the needs of the children and their families

Resources and facilities


·         To provide and maintain excellent facilities that enable us to meet our mission statement of providing outstanding education in a caring and nurturing environment

·         To provide efficient technology that enhances our varied curriculum and allows for the smooth running of the school’s communication systems




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